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Leave your heart in Santorini

Santorini is one of the Cyclades group of islands lying 120 miles south of mainland greece. It covers an area of 28 square miles and has a population of just over 15,000. It’s distinctive appearnce is due to the fact that it is a remnant of a volcanic caldera. The eruption that created the caldera and the ensuing tsunami are thought to be the source of the legend of Atlantis. Today Santorini is a popular holiday destination and is particularly well known as a venue for weddings.

An idyllic location

You just need to do a quick web search using the words Santorini weddings to establish just how popular the island has become as the location for dream weddings. It is the island that you see on a million postcards of Greece with white washed villages and blue domed churches it’s cobbled streets led it to be voted the world’s top island by Travel and Tourism magazine in 2011.

Tying the knot

Arranging marriages in Santorini is an industry. Some islands make wine others are famous for ceramics but on Santorini helping people to enter into wedlock is key to the island economy. Everything you need is here. Besides the stunning setting and romantic sunsets you will find the infrastructure that makes a wedding day one to remember for all the right reasons. The photographer, the flower arranger and that special venue are all available. However getting married in a foreign country does involve paperwork and for that reason a whole range of companies are available to organise everything for the prospective newlyweds.


Most people want to have a say in how their wedding will be and the companies that organise the big day will listen to you but also make you aware of the way things work locally. They will advise and organise every aspect of your wedding. Their job is to make sure it is a memorable day for you and your guests. Many companies also offer to organise your honeymoon. For those already married why not consider renewing your vows. This has become one of the latest trends in the Santorini wedding industry. Why should those already married miss out on that romantic sunset and the chance to toast their love with greek food and wine.


Getting married is the one occaison that everything must go right. Therefore when you are handing over responsibility for the big day to someone else you have to make sure that you have chosen people that you trust to make the right decisions for you. So it is important to look at a range of companies and see what they offer. Have they made an effort to find out what you want and what you like? There are sites that ask you to complete a questionnaire so that they can best meet your needs. Top sites will give you an individual wedding planner that will get to know you and assume all the stress associated with the big day.

Santorini is a dream location for a wedding and can provide a magical backdrop for a special day but it is important that you have confidence in the people you have given the task of arranging the event. Take your time and find the people you trust the most.

Wedding in Santorini